Specializing in:
Conceptual Design, Illustration, Sculpture, 
Specialty Costumes, Creature Suits & Puppets, Hand Props, 
Museum Mannequins, Make-up & Make-up Effects

c/o 21115 Devonshire Street, #109, Chatsworth, California  91311 l  (a.r.r.) (818) 886-MKUP (6587)     (818) 709-MKUP (6587) FAX
e-mail: monstermaker@makeupandmonsters.com

In the twenty-first century, genetic engineering has advanced to the point that parents can now effectively
   “design” the perfect child.  Any child conceived traditionally is labeled “In-Valid.”  Refusing to accept this inferior label, Vincent Freeman devises an ingenious plan to pass himself off as a member of the genetic elite.  Buying the identity of a crippled young man, Vincent works his way into Gattaca Corporation, where he hopes to train as a navigator.  When the director of the Gattaca space agency is murdered, however, Vincent’s new identity suddenly falls under suspicion.  With all eyes on him, Vincent must rely on his wits to avoid being framed for murder.

The Make-up & Monsters team designed many prosthetic effects and "body matter" for use as props for this project.
Images will be posted here soon


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