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            We put this page together to share some of the funnier Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti stories
spreading throughout the media and internet recently.

      We have nothing to do with these stories/hoaxes but thought it would be fun to share some of the loonacy
that is causing fans, true-believers and experts to lose their minds.

NEWSFLASH:  August 13th, 2008


(click on the thumbnails for larger views)

Ths is the image that's been 
causing such a stir!

This is the suit you can buy for a 
few hundred clams!

Notice how the rental costume's mask
matches the Beer Cooler Bigfoot head perfectly,
'ceptin' fer the fact they stuck Granny's uppers
and a piece of baloney...err.."bologna" in our
beer buddy's pie-hole!

(click on the image for close-up laughs)

I'm sure that every Bigfoot fan has seen and heard the fervor over this LATEST Bigfoot find! (check out the BFRO website or mainstream news outlet if you haven't heard about it yet) 

Our phones and e-mails have buzzing since this story broke with true-believers and skeptics alike, all wanting our opinions on these strange goings on! 

Well opinions are like belly buttons, everyone's got one, 'cept for this poor thing snoozing in the cooler! 

These people are so starved for anything "new" that they fail to see the obvious. 

            • Why only one foto? 
            • Why didn't the hunters IMMEDIATELY drive to the POLICE or local NEWS media? 
            • Why only ONE "questionable" photo? (Oh, we said that already!) 
            • Like the one "questionable" foto of that silly Florida skunk ape palm fraun mannequin, this whole thing STINKS to high heaven!!!  ;-p 

If it was you or me, we would've carried that smelly thing on our backs right up to the local news achor's desk, plopped it down and said , "Here it is!  MAKE ME FAMOUS!!!" 

These internet "one-off" fotos are a waste of time.  You know that any drunken hunter would've snapped TONS of cellphone images of himself and buddies posing with the find of the century!  Boastful lugs that they all are about their conquests! 

            • Where are those fotos?  Beer cans and all? 

The most obvious things: 

            •  They don't make Bigfoot size coolers for hunters' pickup trucks. 
            •   Last time I tried to stuff a dead bigfoot into my truck sized igloo/ice chest, I couldn’t bend the arm, leg, and neck bones to fit.  Plus with all that water and ICE, my buddies and I couldn’t budge the dang thing!!! 

The real obvious issues about this ONE questionable foto? 
            • the fake hair 
            • the fake nose (that matches the rental suit EXACTLY!) 
            • The Jack’s Beef Jerky tongue (for added comedy) Thanx for the heads-up on that  J.C.! 
            • the real guts (too small) 
            • the suit is a retail suit manufactured by and available from The Horror Dome and Haunted Ventures  and NO,   WE do not make or sell them. 
            • they've only shown us one poor quality photo (with one close-up of the mouth from that very same foto!)

These Beer Cooler Bigfoot guys are getting their 15 minutes of fame, and laughing at all of the EXPERT Cryptos out there who are spunking in their jeans over it thinking it’s real. 

            • Oh and the guy pushing this thing through the media is a purported bigfoot hoaxer! 

I'm laughing too.  This is pretty funny stuff. 

As far as it being about money, I doubt it.  Maybe they'll recoup their costume rental fees from t-shirt sales or something, but the dry cleaning bill will be steep, especially trying to get the deer gut smell out of the synthetic fur.  I wouldn’t want that job!!! 

Brian Penikas 
IATSE Make-up & Hairstylists Local 706 
August 14th, 2008 
10:30 AM PST 

PS: After watching "the-press-conference-that-revealed-nothing" press conference on Friday, Aug 15th, 2008, (and I still can't believe CNN stuck with it for 12 minutes before they finally cut away to real news), I'm predicting when they finally decide to reveal the body to true experts (right before they hi-tail it to Brazil and change their identities) the body will turn up MISSING!  They always do.  Why?  (in my best hillbilly voice) "Becawz themz Bigfeetz iz alwayz stealin' back their dead!"     I guess it's in their union charter!  LOL!

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