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Make-up artists and hairstylists constantly have to deal with 
changing an actor's "look" to fit the needs of a project.
Here are some examples of how computers help with 
changing an actor's look, especially when the actor is unavailable 
for tests and all an artist has to work with are photographs.

Make-up & Monsters was contracted to create 
some "old 40's style" looks for funny-man Bob Newhart 
for a Stamps.com ad campaign.  Bob had a duel roll for the ads; 
playing the founder of the factory,  Frank Metteman Sr., 
and, looking like he does normally, playing Frank Metteman Jr., son of the founder.

Below are examples of some of the concepts that we came up with for the client. 
Many of the images of Frank Metteman Sr. that we created 
were used by the art department and pasted into photos of Frank Sr. 
with his staff working in the factory.

(click on the images for larger views)

Bob Newhart


Hey! It's Dan Rather, or rather Bob with JFK hair!

Here we took President Truman's portrait and pasted 
Bob's face into it, keeping Truman's glasses.
The client's used this image to paint a portrait of the 
founding father "Frank Metteman Sr." 
for the office set in the commercial.

Here we took that same Truman combo image and added Robert Mitchum's hair for a different look.

Wardrobe stylists can benefit from this technique also!
Here's a nice 50's style suit, courtesy of IKE!

Looking very Sean Connery-ish with his Tyrone Power doo! 

Let's try some trendier looks. 
How about Benicio Del Toro?
Hmm...maybe that's a little too Johnny Cash....

How about Jeff Bridges? 
Michael Douglas, eat your heart out!

...or maybe Sir Paul McCartney?
Rick Springfield, Bob ain't!

So as you can see, computers can really help to visualize concepts not only for make-up and hair, but also for wardrobe.
It doesn't take much effort either.  It took me about four hours to composit these images (and more not posted)
using Adobe Photoshop 4.0 on an old PowerMac G3.
And I hate to say it, but I've never read any manuals for Photoshop.  Macs make everything really easy,
so I've never really bothered with the books.  Point, click, and show the client.  I love it.
Projects like this one are quite fun.
Now, you try it for yourself, and let us know how you do.


Brian Penikas
Creative Director
Make-up & Monsters Studios

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